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Entry #2

Yeah? well...

2009-06-18 09:26:07 by RadioactiveRabies m/

Im thinking of starting an IDW (Industrial Design of the Week) here on NG, but im not sure the interest will be big enoughe. D:

Yeah? well...


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2009-06-29 08:25:42


If you wanna start IDW, ask permission to a mod first 8D

RadioactiveRabies responds:

lol and i did :P I just need to find the time to start it :D


2009-07-04 12:26:14

"Messerschmitt".. IT MAKES ME SO ANGRY!!! >:(


2009-08-22 19:00:58

dude.. Are you alive..

RadioactiveRabies responds:

Yesh, jeg er på efterskole så jeg har ikk så meget tid til NG, tak for alle kommentarene i min art thread ;P


2010-03-15 05:58:27

That picture sorta reminds me of my Arian Starfighter game...


2011-06-16 00:52:27

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